French Fries

The Fry Review

By Sophie Larsen

Welcome to the The Fry Review, where I review fries from various restaurants based on tastiness, presentation, and whatever else I feel like that day. A little about me: I live with a disease called gastroparesis, which makes it hard to digest many foods. French fries have become a staple of my diet, a food that is usually safe even when my stomach is fighting me. After months of quietly reviewing fries in my head, I decided to share my takes with the internet. Enjoy!


Shawarma Joint in Champaign, IL

Oh boy, were these fries good. Shawarma Joint's thick, crispy fries are easily the richest I've reviewed so far. The seasoning is subtle;...

Niro's Gyros in Champaign, IL

With my first bite, I'll admit I was skeptical. They're a different style than my usual faves, more crispy, like the breading on...

That Burger Joint in Champaign, IL

Ok y'all, these fries were KILLER. Beautifully golden brown and cooked to perfection, they had incredible texture and were salted...

McDonald's Fries in Champaign, IL

Look, I'm not the biggest McDonald's fan. There are better burgers to be had -- there are certainly better fries to be had. But one thing...


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