• Sophie Larsen

Greek Fries at Aladdin Gyro-Cery and Deli, Seattle, WA

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Greek fries smothered in garlic feta sauce, in a white takeout box

Pictured are the large Greek fries from Aladdin Gyro-Cery and Deli in Seattle's U-District. These puppies come topped with delicious homemade garlic sauce and feta cheese. The fry itself is very nice, a little stiffer than I prefer but good structure. The garlic sauce and feta add a nice layer of flavor. In terms of GP friendliness, the toppings probably aren't ideal -- I had to stick mostly to the underlayer. But still a nice touch, especially for those without stomach problems. Overall I give these 4 fries out of 5. Recommend!

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