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Curry and Sea Salt Fries at Katsu Burger, Seattle, WA

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Two black-and-white checkered bags of fries, with two small cups of mayo, on a blue plate

Pictured on the left are curry fries and Japanese mayo, and on the right, sea salt fries with curry mayo. These mouthwatering fries come from Katsu Burger, a restaurant serving American burgers with a Japanese twist at several locations in the Seattle area. The sea salt fries are okay, pretty standard as far as fries go, and for me they come in at 3 fries out of 5. These are what I ordered to keep my stomach happy, and they served their purpose, especially when paired with the nicely acidic Japanese mayo. On the other hand, the curry fries that I stole from my generous boyfriend are Katsu Burger's real gem in the cooked potato department. The texture, the flavor, it's all there, especially when paired with the curry mayo. A well-earned 4.5 fries out of 5.

If fries aren't your jam, I did try a bite of my boyfriend's beef katsu burger and can vouch for deliciousness. I also ordered a black sesame shake which fulfilled everything a shake should be (pictured below in its simple but beautiful glory).

Overall, highly recommend this restaurant for your next fry adventure.

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